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our eyes, in addition to being windows to your general health, provide your most valued and important sense. At OPTX, everything is devoted to you and your vision. You are cordially invited to journey through our doors and immerse yourself in premier eyecare. OPTX is an advanced, high-technology ophthalmology practice. Giulio Diamante, MD, is an accomplished and respected board-certified eye surgeon and physician. He and his team are completely dedicated to protecting and preserving your eye health – making OPTX the crown jewel destination for state-of-the-art eyecare. We take pride in providing the ultimate patient experience built on a foundation of exceptional expertise.
This is what sets us apart.
And, it’s what keeps patients and clients consistently coming back.

trust world-class skill and competence

Koch Eye

Website : www.kocheye.com

Koch Eye Associates started from scratch in 1981, in a small building on Tollgate Road. Back then there were only three people working in the office. Drs. Paul and Patricia Koch saw what few patients there were and Dr. Paul’s wife answered the phone and handled the front desk. Things were slow at the start and we averaged seeing only four patients a day. Sometimes we didn’t have a single patient to see for an entire day. This is a true story: shortly after the movie “E.T.” came out there was an afternoon when our schedule was completely empty. We didn’t have a single patient scheduled. We put the office on answering service, locked the door and we all went to see the movie at afternoon matinee.

Things got busier, and by 1983 we finally had to add an employee to help out, and in 1985 we were busy enough to add a third doctor. As the years passed we noticed patients coming to see us from a wide geography and so we opened new offices throughout the state. Eventually we had more than 20 doctors treating patients at a dozen locations including offices, laser vision centers and a surgery center.
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