Sea Island Ophthalmology

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As a highly skilled and respected eye surgeon, Dr. Siegel and his staff provide the highest level of patient care in an environment where each patient is treated like a family member. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing the best care possible.

As a specialist in cataract surgery, Dr. Siegel offers treatment options for patients who desire independence from glasses. He utilizes the most advanced techniques available to achieve the best possible surgical outcomes.
Our office is centrally located off of Midtown Drive in the Shell Point area, in front of Lowcountry Medical Group. We provide surgical services at the Surgery Center of Beaufort and the Bluffton-Okatie Outpatient Surgery Center adjacent to Sun City.

Appointments are available and new patients are always welcome.

Vision Care of Maine

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Welcome to the Eye Care & Eye Wear Center of Maine. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality primary eye care services and optical products at competitive prices. Our professional staff of highly trained and skilled optometrists, optometric technicians, retail opticians and laboratory opticians utilize the latest procedures, equipment and products to provide you with the highest quality primary eye care available. A visit to our office will convince you that we have been “setting the standard in eye care since 1975.”

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome Awareness: Shire’s Eyelove Campaign

dry eye syndrome

Whether you realize it or not, dry eye is all around us. The woman in your office rubbing her eyes because they feel gritty, a guy at the gym whose eyes won’t stop tearing up uncontrollably, or maybe it’s you wondering why your eyes feel so dry. Did you know that if you’re a woman, you’re already at a higher risk for chronic dry eye syndrome? Not to mention, if you work in an office setting in front of computers, you’re greatly increasing your risk.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that millions of Americans suffer from each year. Dry eye occurs when eyes cannot produce enough of their own tears, or the tears that are being produced evaporate too quickly. Many people don’t take dry eye seriously and don’t receive treatment for their symptoms, leading them to continue suffering from the condition. Eyelove is aiming to change that. Eyelove is a campaign by Shire, with Jennifer Aniston as its celebrity spokeswoman. The goal: to get women to their eye doctor to talk about dry eye. The more people talk about it, the more people will feel comfortable going to their eye doctor and finding out if they are suffering from dry eye.

How Can I Treat It?

Dry eye can be treated with over the counter eye drops and ointments, as well as artificial tears. If these don’t alleviate your symptoms, the next step is to go see your eye doctor. They may recommend changing certain prescription medications, such as birth control pills or allergy medications, which can cause dry eye. If you wear contacts, they could recommend you reduce the amount of time that you wear them, or stop completely depending on how severe your dry eye is. Dry eye syndrome can be treated by your doctor in a number of ways. The first is with punctal plugs, which can be permanent or temporary. Your doctor will use tiny plugs to stop tears from draining through your tear ducts too quickly. Another way is by supplementing your diet with omega 3-fatty acids, like fish oil pills, or by using prescription steroid eye drops. It may take some time to find a treatment option that works best for you.

How Can I Keep My Dry Eye In Check?

Although dry eye syndrome can be a chronic condition, with the right treatment, it can be managed. If your eyes are feeling extremely dry, an air humidifier is a good way to bring more moisture into any room that you may be in. If you work on a computer for more than a few hours each day, remember to give your eyes plenty of breaks. If you find yourself using eye drops more than 4 times per day, it is time to see your eye doctor. Want to learn more? Check out the Eyelove campaign for yourself!

Vision Care Center

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Vision Care Center of Northeast Arkansas is an ophthalmology center providing LASIK eye surgery. If you are one of many people in Arkansas seeking to improve your vision please feel free to contact our Arkansas LASIK office. We have LASIK patient counselors that will explain the entire surgical process, provide extensive patient education and even help arrange financing. Vision Care Center of
Northeast Arkansas is dedicated to making LASIK eye surgery more

OPTIX Rhode Island

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our eyes, in addition to being windows to your general health, provide your most valued and important sense. At OPTX, everything is devoted to you and your vision. You are cordially invited to journey through our doors and immerse yourself in premier eyecare. OPTX is an advanced, high-technology ophthalmology practice. Giulio Diamante, MD, is an accomplished and respected board-certified eye surgeon and physician. He and his team are completely dedicated to protecting and preserving your eye health – making OPTX the crown jewel destination for state-of-the-art eyecare. We take pride in providing the ultimate patient experience built on a foundation of exceptional expertise.
This is what sets us apart.
And, it’s what keeps patients and clients consistently coming back.

trust world-class skill and competence

North Idaho Eye Institute

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North Idaho Eye Institute exists to provide high quality, extensive eye care to patients of all ages through a team approach. We will treat each patient with respect, dignity, kindness, and compassion and strive to continuously understand their needs and exceed their expectations of quality eye care.

We are recognized by patients, primary care physicians, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and health care purchasers as a leading group of high integrity ophthalmologists, clinic, and we support staff who provide superior, efficient, cost-effective eye care to patients.

We are a strong, single specialty medical group that is recognized as leaders in the ophthalmology community. We will continue to grow and provide increased services to a larger patient population.

In further recognizing that medicine is not entirely contained as a business, we will be involved in the communities we serve by supporting activities and by providing educational and other services to patients and medical professionals. We will continue to provide care to Third World nations, train ophthalmic technicians and conduct research and other investigations which provide us with leading-edge knowledge and technology. We value and recognize the importance of these activities to our own professional and personal development and the positive impact it has on quality patient care.

As a mix of motivated, team-oriented professionals, our staff and employees will continue to grow and benefit from a professionally and personally challenging work environment. Employees will recognize and respect the diversity of individuals in our organization and the professional value of each job as contributing to the end goals of patient satisfaction.

Our employees are highly valued and supported by the physicians, believing they are directly contributing to the excellent service we provide to patients, and that they are vital to the success of North Idaho Eye Institute.

Koch Eye

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Koch Eye Associates started from scratch in 1981, in a small building on Tollgate Road. Back then there were only three people working in the office. Drs. Paul and Patricia Koch saw what few patients there were and Dr. Paul’s wife answered the phone and handled the front desk. Things were slow at the start and we averaged seeing only four patients a day. Sometimes we didn’t have a single patient to see for an entire day. This is a true story: shortly after the movie “E.T.” came out there was an afternoon when our schedule was completely empty. We didn’t have a single patient scheduled. We put the office on answering service, locked the door and we all went to see the movie at afternoon matinee.

Things got busier, and by 1983 we finally had to add an employee to help out, and in 1985 we were busy enough to add a third doctor. As the years passed we noticed patients coming to see us from a wide geography and so we opened new offices throughout the state. Eventually we had more than 20 doctors treating patients at a dozen locations including offices, laser vision centers and a surgery center.
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Logan Eye Institute

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At Logan Eye Institute, Drs. Matthew D. Hammond and Heather M. Jetton pride themselves on providing the very highest level of care. We offer several procedures and treatment options on-site including:

Eye exams
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)
Implantable contact lenses
Treatment for glaucoma
Cataract surgery

We also have an optical shop featuring several stylish brands.

The practice is continually incorporating the latest technology to improve our patients’ treatment. For example, all-laser cataract surgery or blade-free LASIK can both improve your healing and reduce your recovery time. We also offer cosmetic procedures so you can look and feel your best.